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It's all about Relationship... Whether you are training your dog for an obedience competition or training your dog to be a well behaved canine companion, a crucial part of the success of either is the relationship you have with your dog.  Your dog needs to have an affinity for you, trust you, and respect you.  The relationship you have with your pet is a direct reflection of how your dog behaves.  Southland Dog Sports can help you create the relationship with your dog that allows you to enjoy your dog's companionship.


We have several dog training programs to offer.  Each program utilizes training techniques perfected through years of experience.  We train you to teach your doghow to execute a command.  We decide together if your dog understands the command; we train you how to correct your dog when he makes a mistake executing that command.  Teaching, then adding the appropriate corrections, is the only way to insure you maintain the relationship you have with your dog. Obedience training your pet is the best way to well behaved coompanion.


Tough economic times mean crime is on the rise. Having a gun in the house is not always the best answer to protect your family, home, or property. Southland Dog Sports has over twenty years of experience training Personal Protection Dogs and Estate Guardian Dogs.  


After a short evaluation of your dog, we can tell you if your dog has the ability to enroll in one of training programs. We can train your dog to only alert to strangers, or if need be, actually bite and hold an intruder. Your dog's obedience training can coincide with the protection training if need be.


Success in the Schutzhund sport does not come easy.  Many handlers struggle for years, yet success still eludes them.  Southland Dog Sports provides you with the training and guidance that will insure you reach the goals you set for you and your dog in the schuzthund sport.  


We have traveled the world learning training techniques.  Southland Dog Sports has over two decades of applying those techniques with overwhelming success.  Not only do we win with our own dogs, but handlers under our tutelage have competed and won at the Regional and National level.  


Although the German Shepherd Dog is our breed of choice, Southland Dog Sports takes pride in the variety of breeds we have trained.  We started training rottweilers in the early 1990's.  Years of training led us to the Rottweiler National Schutzhund Championship in 1995.  Although we no longer own or breed Rottweilers, we have contiued to train this wonderful breed with the same rate of success.  We coached handler dog teams to multiple Schutzhund III titles and breed tests.


In 1998, I saw my first American Bulldog compete in the schutzhund sport.  Impressive to say the least. There have been American Bulldogs training with us ever since.  Southland Dog Sports has arguable one of the greatest success rates in training American Bulldogs in the Schutzhund sport in the country.  Dogs from our group earn schutzhund titles and compete and win protection tournaments all over the country.


Whether you have a German Shepherd Dog, a Rottweiler, an American Bulldog, a Malinois, or a Doberman, feel free to contact us about training.  We can provide you with the training and guidance to

get you to the podium.

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